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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So this is where Angus's friends hang out...

Expect posting to be very light here until August, as both Sarah and I are extremely busy at present, but to pick up thereafter.
Angus should speak for himself on this one. He may be busy studying and being his general amazing self but his non-Yankee fiancée has quite a lot of time on her hands. Today, in fact, I had time enough to stand in the wrong line at the motor vehicle registration office not once but twice. I also replaced a spring on my clarinet and completed a "clever" crossword where the answer to 63-across ("Pancake-eating senator at a deli?") was "TRENTLATKE".

I'm just sayin'.

The real reason blogging might be light is because one can only say "No, we're not having dwarf tossing at the wedding" and "Seriously. Latin." so many ways.


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