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Thursday, August 24, 2006


As many of you know, Texas = meat.

With an eye towards giving our wedding guests the full Texas experience, we've arranged for Cousin's BBQ, a local smoked-and-sauced-meat-peddling concern, to cater our reception. In addition to being a fine example of Texas-style barbeque - and trust me on this score, I've sampled their wares - Cousin's is also a childhood favorite of my bride-to-be's (perhaps she'll treat us to the story about why the dogs followed her brother Chris home at some point), so the nostalgia factor is almost as high as the tastiness.

Anyway, all run-on sentences aside, here is the menu for Saturday night (which, needless to say, will not be alright for fighting):

The Meats
  • Brisket (that's beef for the not meat-literate among us)
  • Chopped brisket (brisket that had to be taught a lesson...)
  • Boneless chicken breast (no jokes there...)
The Sides
  • Potato salad (the only reason Dan Quayle wasn't on the invite list)
  • Corn on the Cob (my jokes, not the only thing here that's corny)
  • Victory Cabbage (cole slaw to you Kaiser-lovers...)
The Beverages
  • Unsweet tea (Sarah's plenty sweet enough, plus there'll be Sweet*n*low)
  • Various soft drinks (including Dr Pepper, the national drink of Texas)
  • Various cold beers (including Pabst, the only way to get Grant to come)

You'll notice (as the post's title suggests) that this is a somewhat meat-heavy regimen. If you are one of those poor benighted souls that does not know the sweet, sweet savor of dead animal carcass on your palate, and would like some kind of alternative entree (we're thinking veggie burritos at the moment) please email us to let us know.


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